Hybrid and Virtual Experimentation for Infrastructure Lifecycle Maintenance and Natural Hazard Resilience

  • DE-GRIE Workshop 2015

    August 24-27, 2015

    Bauhaus University of Weimar,


Workshop 2015 – Scientific Programme

Monday 24th – Thursday 26th August 2015

Weimar, Germany
Bauhaus University of Weimar
Ettersburg Schloss Seminar Rooms 1-4

For the complete schedule and contact details please look at the timetable PDF which you can download here.

Timetable Graphic PDF

Transport & Address

Central Train Station-City Center

Taxis are available at the designated taxi waiting area, located outside the exit. The taxi fare to the city center is approximately €10-15.

Public Transports:
The Central Train Station is served by several buses (Nr. 1, 2, 3, 5c, 6, 7 & 8). The bus station is located outside the arrivals exit and the ticket cost is €1,80. The bus stop for the city center of Weimar is "Goetheplatz".

City Center-Ettersburg Schloss

The Workshop will take place at the Ettersburg Schloss, Seminar Rooms 1-4

Am Schloss 1
99439 Weimar, Germany

Ettersburg Schloss is connected with the Bus line No: 6 (Bus Stop: Ettersburg, Scloss) from Goetheplatz.

Taxi:The taxi fare to from city center to Ettersburg Scloss is approximately €20-25.

Accomodation & Venue

Ettersburg Schloss

All Invited Professors will stay at the Ettersburg Schloss. The hotel is located at the suburbs  of Weimar, close to the Ettersburg village.

Ettersburg Schloss, Am Schloss1, 99439 Weimar
Tel: +49 3643 74 284-20 Fax: +49 3643 74 284-46
E-Mail: info@schlossettersburg.de

E-material Workshop 2015

Here you can find the E-material for the Workshop 2015.


Dynamic response of bridges and infrastructure has been widely recognized in numerous research studies with assessing the importance of Soil-Structure-Interaction (SSI). This phenomenon is very complex and whether or not is beneficial …


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